Bike Loot Review December 2013


We got our Bike Loot box this week, and it was purty darn cool again.  It looks like Bike Loot is changing things up with their box subscription. The monthly price is going up to $11 plus shipping, but they are supposedly increasing the box value and doing an overall upgrade. Along with this upgrade, their website got overhauled and you actually have to recreate your whole account and re-subscribe. While this is kind of a pain, they acknowledged the inconvenience in a note in the December box and included a personal coupon code for $10 off your new subscription to make up for it. If you have to cause your customers a little pain, I think that is the best way to handle it. I am excited to see what they have in store for 2014. In the meantime, here are the goods for the December Bike Loot box:


As always, Bike Loot boxes always come with a great info card that includes coupon codes for a lot of the products, and on the other side is always a great quote about cycling. This one is now hanging on our fridge. My husband is a total cycling nerd, and he thinks the little quote is one of the best parts of the box. Here are the details:


Energems: Energems are kind of like big M and M’s for athletes. Along with the mint chocolate and candy shell, these also contain caffeine and B vitamins for energy during a workout. These are one of the things that I want to steal from this box. I mean, swimmers need fancy workout candy, too. They also included an Energems branded drawstring bag. It’s pink, so I may get to steal that, too, although Mike would probably use it to take his lunch to work if I let him keep it.  A 20% off coupon code is also included for Energems.


ITrain $10 gift card: ITrain is an online workout site where you can download all different kinds of workouts right to your computer. They have a big section of indoor cycling workouts, great for the offseason. Since my husband’s bike is on the trainer in our family room right now, he was really excited about this item. It looks like the workouts on range from about $5.99 to $10.99, so this is good for one free download with a little left over.

SPORTea: My husband is a coffee fiend and really the only time he drinks tea is when he is sick, so I may end up inheriting this tea. It contains Ginseng for energy. It smells pretty good, so I will give it a go. I switch back and forth between tea and coffee a couple times a year, but I really like the idea of a warm sports drink. I will try this before my next cold-weather run. SPORTea was created here in Colorado, so that makes me happy to learn about a new local business, and Bike Loot included a coupon code for 10% off at


Carbon Pro Sports Dri Shine/Dri Wash: This is a way to clean your bike on the go and is meant to be used without water and can be used daily. My husband is all about keeping his baby clean. His baby the bicycle, that is. His baby the actual boy is usually at least a little bit dirty.

Kool n’ Fit pain relief spray: I like that this is an external pain reliever in spray form. Most are in tubes and can be messy, but this seems way easier to contain. I often want to steal my husband’s loot from Bike Loot, even though I am not a cyclist, and this is one of those things. I am always nursing a running injury of some kind. Or sometimes I am nursing a lift-a-toddler-eleventy-times-a-day injury. My husband is seemingly immune to injury. He barely even gets sore. Hopefully said toddler gets that part of the gene pool. This stuff actually smells nice unlike many pain relief creams. I’m excited to steal it.


NibNaks Dried fruit snack: This is one I will not be stealing. A lot of subscription boxes send dried fruit, and I find dried fruit kinda gross. Luckily, my husband and son like to gobble up these wrinkly pieces of sad fruit with wild abandon, so it does not go to waste around here. This is an all natural product and the flavor I got was Apples, Raisins and Cherries. My husband will enjoy this snack, although it will probably be at his desk instead of on his bike.

As usual, I don’t really try to calculate values on boxes that are more focused on samples, but I do think this box value exceeds its price tag. I will be curious to see what they will be offering up with their new and improved box in 2014.  I think they always do a great job with their packaging and branding, and, as a marketing geek, I really like that they have a distinct voice and brand.  Bike Loot is legit. Carry on, Loot Dudes.

Citrus Lane Review December 2013

Citrus Lane is another one that came yesterday. I will be all caught up on reviews by tomorrow with all the ones that came, but figured I could squeeze Citrus Lane in real quick. Citrus Lane is a monthly box for kids that is curated basd on age and gender. Our box is for a 20-month old boy. As I was trying to photograph this box, D went a little nuts over the contents, so I managed to miss a photo of the entire box. So, I am skipping my “here are the goods” photo and moving right on to here are the details:


Pearhead Handprint Art set: ($10?) The only ones like this I can find online are for sets of four of these for $24, so I am calling this one $10. (speaking of which, websites without a search function drive me nuts)  This comes with the canvas, paint and tray for dipping hands in. I already know who we are gifting this, to. My mother-in-law will probably really enjoy making this with D over the holidays to hang on her wall. She likes crafty stuff and she likes him, so I think it will be a hit for the little gift exchange we are doing while we are in California.


I Took The Moon for a Walk: ($7.19) This is a great little book, and while D is currently into about four books that are the only ones he will even think about reading, he always changes his selections eventually. I think this will work its way in there soon. I always like getting books in kid boxes.


Melissa and Doug Stacker: ($7.99) This was the item that D pried out of my hands whilst I was trying to get a photo, and so here is the photo I could get of it. Already missing a couple pieces and stacked on our hardwood floors (which are just old, not dirty…well, they are probably dirty, too, but mostly just very lived on in our 100 year old house) I got this same stacker in our Bluum box last month (you can find a better photo in that review), and so that one, which I managed to hide unopened will go to D’s school so all the kids can use it. He loves this, and Melissa and Doug is a favorite brand around here.


Snuggly Lotion from Episencial: ($9.00) The link is for the 8 oz, but the size that was in the box was the 3.4 oz. We love this brand, too, and extra lotion is always handy for everyone in Colorado. We slather the kid nightly with it, so it is always nice to have more good quality lotion to spare.

Um, that is it. This was not my favorite Citrus Lane box. There was no mommy item this month, and most of the items were things I had seen before in Citrus Lane boxes. I like the brands, but part of why I like boxes is to be introduced to new things that other moms might not know about yet. Last month’s box was a much better mix. All told, I calculate the value to be around $34. Not terrible, not amazing. What did you think of your Citrus Lane this month?

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Julep Maven Diamond Mystery Box Review

Ah, Julep.  I just can’t quit you. The Diamond Mystery Box was $24.99, and it was worth every penny. With seven different polishes and three beauty products that I love, I am so glad I signed on last minute. Here are the goods:

julep 1

I was so not expecting that many polishes! Yay. I was initially giving up on my Julep subscription because it was just too much polish for me, but then I remembered that I put a nail polish in each of the gift bags (18 of them!) each year for my annual girls’ lake trip, and Julep is an awesome way to get them inexpensively, along with some cool beauty products. It was really difficult to talk myself back into it.  Here are the details:

julep 5

Sea Salt Texture Spray: (regularly $22, on sale right now for $9.99) You can spray this in your hair wet or dry and it adds volume and texture. I already tried this, and it smells nice and definitely adds some body. I tried it on damp hair yesterday, but I think the way to go for me might be to spritz it on dry hair. Good stuff.

Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil:  (regularly $23, on sale right now for $18.50) This stuff smells amazing, and it adds nice moisture to your skin. I am going to save the rest of it for summer because it is just not quite enough moisture for Colorado winters, and I need to stick with serious cream to keep my skin from hurting. But come summer, this stuff is going to be awesome for after laying in the sun or big swims.

julep 2

Double Stuff Foot Treatment and Friction Stick: (regularly $22, on sale right now for $17.60) This is a moisturizer and blister preventer in one. I wrote in my Favorite Things Party post about body glide and how it saves my feet when running or wearing strappy sandals. I think this stuff is similar, and I can always use an extra for my purse. You never know when a pair of shoes might end up starting to rub funny, and stuff like this can save you from a night of foot-hell.

On to the polish:

julep 3

Julep polishes are regularly $14, but all of these are part of the Julep sale right now and are all under $12. The five polish colors I got are:

Helen: A soft purple-pink color

Karen: A peachy, pale metallic orange. Surprisingly pretty for winter, even though it is more pastel

Karmen: A metallic red and gold mix, perfect for holiday parties.

Lucy: A dark wine color.

Candace: A gold and black metallic mix.

And then, of course, the diamond top coats!

julep 6

Antonia: A pink and rose-gold top coat with diamond overlay.

Geo: ( no longer linked on site) A silver and purple tinted top coat with the same diamond overlay.

These top coats are gorgeous. I think I am going to keep one and gift the other to my BFF. In addition, there a couple of the polishes that I will keep for myself and then will hang on to the others for when I start girls’ trip planning in February. (yes, I start six months takes a lot to get 18 women into a cabin with gift bags, t-shirts, cocktails and everything else. Posts on that in 2014)

I loved all the additional beauty products in this box. At first it felt kind of strange to be getting summery items in my holiday box, but seriously, who doesn’t need a little summer fun in the cold of winter.

The Julep Diamond Mystery Box is no longer available, but all of the products and almost all of the polishes are available linked above.  You can get your Julep monthly subscription here.

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