Bluum to the Rescue

Ok, so I am expecting about eight boxes this week, and I have now gone two full days of getting nada from the post office. Well, I did get the jeans and sweaters I ordered with all of my Gap Cash and Gap Card points, but no boxes. I am starting to think they are all going to arrive in one giant pile tomorrow and it is going to take ma a week to catch up on reviews.

That being said, I did come home today to a Bluum box on my front porch, and it was my Momma Cup. I got my first Bluum box last week, and it was missing this item. It was listed on my dashboard, but not in my box. So, I sent them an email, to which someone responded personally within 24 hours, and then, poof, a week later, here is my cup.


The Momma Spill-Proof Cup¬†with straw:¬†($9.99) This is totally up D’s alley. He takes two sippie cups to school everyday, and since there are so few kinds out there, all the kids in his class have about the same ten cups. This one is totally different, and I think he will think the fact that it rocks back and forth is super cool. It says spill-proof, but so do a lot of them. I’ll have to report back after it is washed and used because that kid can manage to spill anything.

So thank you to Bluum for the great customer service! Getting all the items in so many boxes cannot be an easy task, so it is nice when they follow up quickly and fix it! By the way, Bluum is a monthly box geared toward moms and kids and it curated based on your child’s age and gender. For my first review, I mentioned that a couple of the items seemed a bit young for D, who is 20 months old, but it was still nice stuff, and I am looking forward to the December box.

More soon when I get inundated with December boxes. I am expecting two more from PopSugar, Bespoke Post, ipsy Glam Bag, Sparaj (so excited for this one!!), and a bunch of others that I already forgot about. Going to a super fun couple of weeks!