PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Holiday Review


So much PopSugar this week. The Special Edition Holiday Box came late yesterday, and the regular December box came today. Fun!  In other news, I promise to stop taking photos of boxes at night after this; they just turn out like hell and don’t do the items justice.  Here are the goods:

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I thought everything in this box was great. It was all super luxurious. Here are the details:


Cuyana Elizabeth Infinity Scarf: ($65) I really love this scarf. It is beautiful, soft and warm, and made from 100% Alpaca. I love my knitted infinity scarves, but I was having a little trouble getting this one to sit right around my neck.  I think I need to play with it a little more. I saw a lot of reviewers got the the black, but mine is a beautiful ivory, which I adore. In addition, I was unfamiliar with Cuyana brand before this, and their website is really creative and interesting. It may be 15 years in marketing speaking, but if you are into that sort of creativity, it is definitely worth a look.


Erickson Beamon Rocks Blondie Stone Bangle: ($75?) I was expecting to hate this bracelet when I saw other reviews, because I am usually into more simple jewelry, but I really like it. I especially liked it when I put it on with denim. I think a flashy piece like this can be a perfect addition to a really casual outfit to give it some flair. The price is estimated because this particular style can’t be found online, but Erickson Beamon bracelets that are similar range from aboutt $60 all the way up to $200+.  I was going to gift this, but instead I am keeping it all for meeeeee.


Lunares Cheese Paddle with Knife: ($59) Um, guess what?  I love this, too.  This is exactly the kind of stuff I like to see in these special edition boxes. It’s a way to get something you probably wouldn’t buy for yourself, but that will totally enhance your life, in this case, your kitchen life. I got the ivory color in this, too. I will be using this tomorrow when I host 50 people for a cocktail party. Classy.


Tokyo Milk Body Souffle in Wisdom: ($40) Again with my crappy photos. Sorry. this stuff smells amazing, although with my sensitive, dry Colorado-girl skin, I am always wary about putting scented moisturizers on in the winter. The results can be painful. The ingredients on this are good, including avocado oil and shea butter, so I may be ok. I may end up gifting this one, simply because I am a Kiehl’s die-hard during the winter, but I might be tempted because it smells so niche. The packaging, like on all Tokyo Milk stuff, is beautiful.


Graphic Image 2014 Datebook: ($70) This is absolutely beautiful and has a bunch of really cool and handy pages in it. The problem for me is that I just don’t use a physical calendar that much. I have my iPhone and my Gmail calendars, and that is really all I need. However, I think this will make a great gift for my stepmom. She and my dad are so busy, and I think she will love this.


Winks by George False Lash Compact: ($28) These are super cool, and I will maybe use them, maybe not. The only time I’ve ever worn false lashes was a couple of singles on each eye for my wedding. At one point during the reception after a little too much imbibing, I pulled off one eye’s worth and walked around for the rest of the evening looking very sexy if approached from the left. But hey, maybe I am missing out. I do have a cocktail party tomorrow night. Maybe I’ll get wild.

Fatty Sundays Peppermint Crunch Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels: ($7.95)  So the information card said to take one of these and pass them on. I did not do that. I ate them all, and I did it for breakfast, and they were delicious.

All told, this PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Box had a value of almost $350 for the $100 price tag.  All of the items are total luxury and will make great gifts (mostly for me, but hey) This was one of my favorite Limited Edition boxes from PopSugar. I will look forward to their Spring edition.

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Holiday- For Him Review


Our poor mailpeople are out wandering the streets at ungodly hours these days. I got my mail today at around 2:30 and was so sad that there was no PopSugar on the porch. However, at about 6:45, the poor guy dropped off my box in the cold and the dark. While I was feeling for the mailman, I was excited to see one of the three December PopSugar Must Have boxes I am expecting this week.  Sadly, due to poor self-control, I know pretty much what is in all of them. This men’s box is awesome, though! Here are the goods:


This box was a little smaller than the luxury edition boxes I have gotten in the past, but the items are legit. I really thought this box had a luxurious feel.  Here are the details:


Apolis Flannel Wool Tie: ($68) This tie, despite my unfortunate photo that includes my thighs, is really cool. I saw another reviewer who got it in grey, but we got black, and I actually think the black is a little bit trendier. My husband will wear this at our big holiday cocktail party this weekend, and from then on, probably only for other special occasions, as his work is pretty casual, but still, I love that it is something wintry and cool. The tie is meant to take after officers’ ties from the 40s, and the very trendy label played to that:


I dig this tie.


Mark and Graham Everyday Leather Travel Pouch: ($79) My husband is already pretty into his Blue Claw dopp kit from last month’s Bespoke Post, but this one is really nice, too.  It is quite small, although, when I think of travel bags, I think of all the crap I lug with me, and my husband, like most men, does not need that much. So this size might just be perfect. This is a really nice, buttery leather and would also make a great gift.


Malin and Goetz 1 oz Essential Kit: ($30) I am super jealous of this. I so wish this was full of stuff for the ladies, but instead, it is all very manly and yummy.  I think my husband will like this a lot, as he travels on and off quite a bit. Whatever is convenient to get him through security faster is a win with him, plus, there would be room in here to add his cologne and just go. He is fine using hotel stuff, but I always hoard that stuff to donate to the women’s shelter, so maybe this will change his mind about that.


Native Union Monocle: ($59.99) Ok, so at first I was wondering whether my husband would use this or not, but now, I really think he will.  We have hands-free BlueTooth in our newer car, and it has been life-changing, but he actually drives our older car most of the time and has lamented that he hates holding his phone while driving because after using the hands-free system, he realizes how dangerous it is. Since we are still 10 months away from replacing that car, I think this might just solve his problem. He also might use it at his desk, where he listens to music very quietly most of the day.  I think he is really going to like this one.

popsugar7Soxiety Striped Cotton-Blend Socks: ($12) Now, socks are something that Mike wears every day, like most red-blooded Americans. And he loves him some funky socks.  He is a snappy dresser, though a bit conservative, but he likes to spice it up a little in the sock department. These are made in Italy and are super soft and will get worn often. They also came in their own dustbag. I kind of laughed that the leather dopp kit was in a box, but the socks came in a dustbag.  Who knew? These must be some fancy socks. 🙂


Chip-Zel-Pop: ($3.50) Oh, holy cow. This dangerous stuff is right in my wheelhouse, as I am a sucker for all salty-sweet things. I am going to make Mike take this to work, or we are going to put it out for the party on Saturday, but it cannot get opened in this house unless it is for a crowd, otherwise I will have to spend the rest of December at the gym.  And I have plans to do other things. This is a mix of potato chips, caramel corn, pretzels and chocolate. Yeeeesh.

Krave Pork Jerky in Black Cherry BBQ: ($7.00) We usually only do jerky when we are backpacking, but I know my husband loves it, so I’m sure he will bust into this as soon as he sees it. It looks really good, and the flavor sounds awesome.

All told, the PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Holiday For Him box (now sold out) had a value of over $250 for the $100 price tag. I think everything in this box was well-curated and that my husband will use almost all of it, and what is left will make very nice gifts. Way to go, PopSugar. This men’s box rocks.

Oh, The Insanity

I took this photo when Mike and I were at a football game a couple weeks ago. I was peeing while I took it; I’m classy like that. It was written on the inside of the stall door at about peeing-level. It made me laugh so hard, because, honestly, this is a pretty permanent solution to a temporary problem, amirite?  It did make me look right away though, and yes, there was some TP. Phew.

Now on to more important things, most notably, how I am a slacker and have not reviewed anything yet.

I am not sure how things can seem so out-of-hand busy when I am not working AND the boy is still in school most of the time. Job hunting has been taking its toll on me, and I am still waiting to hear on one offer. (Cross your fingers.  Right now!)

I WILL start reviewing boxes here soon.  I lied on the boxes I said I was going to review last week, but I swear, I will start with November boxes and review with gusto. I’ll be looking at PopSugar, ipsy, Citrus Lane, Bespoke (maybe, if it looks like something good), and Bike Loot (my husband is going to get that one as a surprise, but not until after I open it and dissect it for review purposes). I will also purportedly be getting the PopSugar Neiman Marcus Box in November.  swoon.

The PopSugar Holiday Luxury Box goes on sale today, too, so I will have that to look forward to in December, as well as the start of Sparaj, which I am SUPER stoked about.  That box looks right up my alley.

So, yes, I guess I that this means I am more focused on the Soap Box portion of this blog until November, because, honestly, my ipsy and PopSugar boxes for October are already old news. (but I still love them!)  But until November reviews, you can just count on more babbling from me as I try to sort out what the hell I am doing with my life.

Happy Halloween to everyone tomorrow.  Mike and I dressed as the Blues Brothers and D was a policeman. We did it a couple weeks ago for Trunk or Treat at D’s school, but will probably dress up again tomorrow night for a trick-or-treating gathering at my best friend’s house. Having a kid makes these holidays so much more fun! Even when they refuse to wear their tiny police hats. 🙂

Stay warm everyone, and always make sure there is TP.

Tomorrow, a review of the Favorite Things Party I hosted at my house last weekend.  30 tipsy women bearing gifts.  It’s a must-see.