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Julep is delayed this month, and so there are no boxes for the first few days of July. So now, you’re stuck with an anecdote from me.  This one is about my hair.

I know. Important, right?

After wearing my hair in a cute, short, pixie style for quite a while, I grew it out when I was pregnant a couple years ago because I thought that being able to put it in a ponytail as a new mom would be helpful.  And it was.  And has been. The added bonus is that my husband always comments on how much he likes my hair, as apparently most heterosexual men seem to have a thing for long hair over a  short-and-tight.  Lately, though, I am getting the itch to go back to my easy-breezy pixie again. Most of what is stopping me is that, one, I still have about 20 pounds of baby weight (um, how long do you get to call it baby weight and not just “weight”?) on me, which makes me feel that I cannot as easily pull off the short cut like I used to be able to. And two, the aforementioned husband and his aforementioned praise of the aforementioned long hair. In thinking about this decision, I have come up with a list of things that did not happen to me when I had short hair, but that regularly happen to me now.

When I had short hair I did  not:

  1.  Accidentally roll my hair up in my car window and then unwittingly yank a bunch of it out as I tried to open the door.
  2. Choke on my hair. On what is sadly becoming a fairly regular basis.  What IS that?!
  3. Apply lipgloss and then immediately have my hair plastered across my mouth upon walking outside into even the slightest breeze
  4. Have hair ALL over my bathroom and clothing and pillow and, well, everything.  I now shed worse than our elderly Australian Shepherd mix.
  5. Have the ability to swing my hair across my son’s face in a tickl-y way, which has made him squeal with laughter since he was tiny.
  6. Pay a kerbillion dollars to my stylist for getting my hair colored
  7. Spend a vast portion of my day as a slave to my blow-dryer, and then just give up and wear a ponytail, like, 75% of the time. Because of how it makes being a mom easier.  Even at the office.

However, with my long hair I do not:

  1. Get asked if I am a boy or a girl on a regular basis
  2. Look like a man while wearing a hat, helmet or any other sort of head-covering, such as a paper bag
  3. Wake up looking like Michael Keaton in Beetlejuice
  4. Attempt weekly to maim or kill my Dyson Animal by sucking up elastic ties from the carpet
  5. Have to buy said elastic ties 50 at a time every couple of months because I cannot keep track of those damn things. (note to self: check vacuum cleaner)
  6. Feel the need to wear full-face makeup and large earrings all the time to still feel like I look feminine
  7. Feel like my double chin is always on display.

So, that is my pro-con list.  What should I do?

Julep Maven Review- January 2014

julep1 Julep Maven Box was another one that was waiting for me when we returned from our holiday travels! They always ship super early in the month, or in this case, even before. Julep Maven is a monthly nail lacquer and beauty product box that is $19.95 per month. You can always get your first box free (just pay $4 shpping) with the code FREEBOX. Each box always includes two nail polish colors and a beauty item, as well as occasional bonus items. Julep lets you know what your choices for the month are before shipping, so you can always switch it up, or even upgrade to the full collection for an additional $30. Julep has the widest variety of colors I have ever seen along with fun topcoats and finishes. Here are the goods for January:


There was a little extra in there this month, and I could not for the life of me figure out what it was. Here are the details:


TA-DA! Quick Dry Drops: ($14) These will come in super handy! I am so impatient when it comes to letting my nails dry, especially when I am dying to put socks back on my freezing feet after I do my toes. These actually smell quite nice and promise to keep drying time to only a few minutes, as well as help your cuticles with Vitamin E.

Ummm… Little Orange Sponges: ($?) Ok, so I initially thought these were mini buffers, but they are not. Did anyone else get these?  What are they for? I can’t find them on the Julep site, but I am sure they are for something wonderful that I am now missing out on.


My polish colors this month were from the Boho Glam profile, which is the one I typically select. The colors are:

Hannah: ($14) A pale sage color with a creme finish. Pale greens are basically my favorite colors in the world. I am putting this on my toes pronto, even if I plan on keeping them under layers of socks and slippers until the snow melts.

Noelle: ($14) Julep describes this color as sandy beach silk with a glitter finish. I describe it as a lovely neutral with a twist. Gorgeous.

Overall, the value of the Julep January box was $42 dollars for the $19.95 price tag, plus the value of the mystery sponges. Not too shabby. Also, in every Julep box, there is always a little card with a fun quote or fact on it. This month’s is hanging on my bathroom mirror as my constant reminder:


Julep Maven Review- Boho Glam Box December 2013

julep 6

So, as much as I was trying to quit Julep because it was just too much nail polish for this once-every-two-weeks toenail polish girl, I am really starting to love it.  The packaging is always great, the nail colors are original and fun, and the extras are awesome to keep or give as gifts. Plus, now that I am using Julep to collect the nail polishes for the gift bags for my annual girls’ getaway, it has a whole new purpose! Julep rocks!

Julep is a monthly box that is $19.99 and always features at least two nail polish colors, as well as other beauty items. It always comes early in the month. Here are the goods for December:

julep 5

This month, I got the Boho Glam box in the mail, although, I am a little confused because I elected to receive the It Girl box for this month. When I looked in my account online, there was no mention of the December Boho Glam box, and the It Girl box says it is still pending. Did I miss something? Did I get an extra box by mistake? I’m not sure, but this is a great box, too. I will contact them to find out what the deal is, but in the meantime, here are the details:

julep 4

The two polishes I got are:

Joelle: ($11.20 sale price) A silver glitter polish.

Dianna: ($11.20 sale price) A dusty teal creme polish

I love both of these colors, but will probably add them to my stash for girls’ trip. And now for the extras:

julep 3

Julep Sweep Eyeshadow Palette in Neutrals: ($19.20 sale price)This is a great palette for everyday wear. It is actually really similar to the Urban Decay Naked palette I use on a regular basis, so this one may get relegated to my gym bag. It is nice to have doubles of your daily items so that you are always packed to go to the gym without having to search for anything.  That helps me get my butt out the door and into the pool or spin class.

julep 2

Julep also included two twist bands ($4.80) this month, along with a 40% off coupon for your entire purchase at That is a great deal.

All told, the Julep box value was more than twice the cost, and the colors and items are great. I am loving me some Julep right now.


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Julep Maven Diamond Mystery Box Review

Ah, Julep.  I just can’t quit you. The Diamond Mystery Box was $24.99, and it was worth every penny. With seven different polishes and three beauty products that I love, I am so glad I signed on last minute. Here are the goods:

julep 1

I was so not expecting that many polishes! Yay. I was initially giving up on my Julep subscription because it was just too much polish for me, but then I remembered that I put a nail polish in each of the gift bags (18 of them!) each year for my annual girls’ lake trip, and Julep is an awesome way to get them inexpensively, along with some cool beauty products. It was really difficult to talk myself back into it.  Here are the details:

julep 5

Sea Salt Texture Spray: (regularly $22, on sale right now for $9.99) You can spray this in your hair wet or dry and it adds volume and texture. I already tried this, and it smells nice and definitely adds some body. I tried it on damp hair yesterday, but I think the way to go for me might be to spritz it on dry hair. Good stuff.

Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil:  (regularly $23, on sale right now for $18.50) This stuff smells amazing, and it adds nice moisture to your skin. I am going to save the rest of it for summer because it is just not quite enough moisture for Colorado winters, and I need to stick with serious cream to keep my skin from hurting. But come summer, this stuff is going to be awesome for after laying in the sun or big swims.

julep 2

Double Stuff Foot Treatment and Friction Stick: (regularly $22, on sale right now for $17.60) This is a moisturizer and blister preventer in one. I wrote in my Favorite Things Party post about body glide and how it saves my feet when running or wearing strappy sandals. I think this stuff is similar, and I can always use an extra for my purse. You never know when a pair of shoes might end up starting to rub funny, and stuff like this can save you from a night of foot-hell.

On to the polish:

julep 3

Julep polishes are regularly $14, but all of these are part of the Julep sale right now and are all under $12. The five polish colors I got are:

Helen: A soft purple-pink color

Karen: A peachy, pale metallic orange. Surprisingly pretty for winter, even though it is more pastel

Karmen: A metallic red and gold mix, perfect for holiday parties.

Lucy: A dark wine color.

Candace: A gold and black metallic mix.

And then, of course, the diamond top coats!

julep 6

Antonia: A pink and rose-gold top coat with diamond overlay.

Geo: ( no longer linked on site) A silver and purple tinted top coat with the same diamond overlay.

These top coats are gorgeous. I think I am going to keep one and gift the other to my BFF. In addition, there a couple of the polishes that I will keep for myself and then will hang on to the others for when I start girls’ trip planning in February. (yes, I start six months takes a lot to get 18 women into a cabin with gift bags, t-shirts, cocktails and everything else. Posts on that in 2014)

I loved all the additional beauty products in this box. At first it felt kind of strange to be getting summery items in my holiday box, but seriously, who doesn’t need a little summer fun in the cold of winter.

The Julep Diamond Mystery Box is no longer available, but all of the products and almost all of the polishes are available linked above.  You can get your Julep monthly subscription here.

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