About Cara


Hi, I’m Cara! I am a working mother of a sweet toddler boy, Daniel, and the wife of an awesome guy, Mike, who is suspect of subscription boxes, yet approves of the abject pleasure they seem to give me, so allows the box obsession to continue. Both of these boys are the loves of my life. I have been a professional writer for over 15 years and need this outlet to be writing about something fun, and feeding my subscription box frenzy whilst my day job requires me to write more technical and not-as-fun stuff. I promise to regale you with my box reviews, as well as my stories (potentially epic fails) about working motherhood, entertaining and parties, and weight loss. And there will also be wine.

I have a $250 per month budget for my subscription boxes, (not including special edition boxes, which I decide on a one-off basis) which also covers our gift budget for the most part (and socks and snacks and makeup and all sorts of other things that we would be spending it on anyway), and while I maintain my favorite subscriptions all the time, I will change certain ones up to get new experiences. I accept complimentary boxes in return for honest reviews and will always mention if the box was received free of charge. I do not accept monetary compensation for reviews ever, and will never take a box in return for a positive review only. My posts often contain referral links, but that will be noted.

It can seem frivolous to spend time and money purchasing and reviewing these things, but it is a hobby, and this blog is simply for fun and enjoyment. I am involved in politics and volunteering and donating to many charities (including donating subscription box items) and I take those things very seriously, but this blog is where I can chillax a little bit and engage in retail fun and writing.

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