Benefit Cosmetics Bus. Beep! Beep!

benefit oakland

The first two weeks of the month are always slow for boxes, but there are a bunch on their way already, so many fun reviews are coming, including Happy Mommy, NatureBox, Birchbox, a new one called Panty by Post, and lots, lots more!

In the meantime, I thought I would share this little item I saw at the Oakland airport on our way home around the new year. It is a Benefit cosmetics vending machine. It was right there across from our gate, and I kept staring at it, waiting for my moment to leave my son with my husband so I could go explore. When Mike got back and took over toddler duty, I picked up my wallet and told him I was taking it “just in case” to which my husband smiled and shook his head. What? I love me some cool makeup.

I actually did not buy anything; I really don’t buy makeup anymore except for a few essentials (Sephora CC cream, Elizabeth Mott Mascara, and Makeup Forever eyeliner) because of all the stuff I get in the mail to play with, including lots of fun Benefit stuff. But still, this thing was cool, and in my pre-box days, I would have dropped a pretty penny out of the sheer desire to entertain myself at the gate. Since Benefit is a San Francisco company, I imagine these are sprinkled throughout all the Northern California airports.  So cool! Have you ever seen makeup vending machines before?

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