Mommy Mondays…A Short One on a Tuesday

new year

You know what, 2013?  I am kind of over you. While it was an amazing year as a mom watching  my baby turn into a boy and learn so many new things each day, and while there were great times with my little family and my awesome friends, the rest of it kind of blew. After getting laid off, things have just seemed so disjointed, and I am still struggling to find my place in all the melee. I still haven’t, but I have aspirations for 2014. This could be the year for me. I could really handle that.

So, while I will spare all of you the details about my resolutions, which may or may not be similar to resolutions of years past, what I will say is that this year feels different. It actually does. To health, inside and outside. To happiness, for me, for you, and for everyone who deserves it. And to peace.  2014 is going to rock.

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