Sparaj Review December 2013

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Sparaj is a new subscription box, and December was its third box, though the October box was still considered a pre-launch box. After seeing reviews of the pre-launch and November boxes, I was so excited. I received it yesterday, and there are good and not-so-good things about the box. I know they are still working out kinks with their process, and I have a 3-month subscription, so we shall see how it goes. Here are the goods:


The packaging for this box is awesome, and I love the passport-style stamps on the outside of the box. Sparaj is a spa-inspired monthly box featuring products from all around Asia. It is $40 per month and does not auto-renew, but you can get discounted three- and six-month options. I opted for a three-month plan for $110, putting my box price at $37. The three month option is now $115.  Here are the details:


Soapbox soap in Scent of Bangkok: (200 Thai Baht, which equals about $6) This soap smells amazing, and I am excited to use it. After checking out the Soapbox website, I found that it is a very cool company that does a lot of good in the world. I like giving my money to companies like that.


Foot and Nature Peeling Foot Mask: ($19.40) So according to the instructions and Amazon reviews, you put these sheets on your feet, leave them on for an hour, then over the next ten days dead skin and calluses just start falling off your feet until they are soft and beautiful. This is a Korean product, and frankly, I am a little nervous about it. I have a lot of running calluses that I actually wish to keep and always ask a pedicurist to avoid. I know that sounds gross, but I would rather have calluses than blisters. I will probably add this to the Bag-o-Beauty or as part of a gift.

Paraffin Nutrition Nail Pack: (1000 Korean Won, which is equal to about $1) These supposedly do great things for your nails and cuticles. There are ten in the pack of different sizes for each of your fingers, and you put them on and leave them for awhile while the oil soaks in. I will look forward to giving these a try, as will my ravaged cuticles.


Candy Shop Diffuser by Botanique: (940 Thai Baht, which is about $29) The lollipop design might be a little too cutesy for my taste, but I love the smell. Maybe I will find a home for it where it can be smelled and not seen.


One of the things I like about Sparaj is that everything always comes in a tote bag of some kind, and for December it was a red drawstring bag that I will definitely get use of, if only for groceries or lunches.

So, the good things about Sparaj for my first box are that everything smells really nice, and the value is definitely appropriate based on the retail prices. For the $37 price tag, the box had about $56 worth of products, plus the tote. The not-so-good things to me: I didn’t see a lot of variety  in this box. It was all nice, but felt a little ho hum to me, and I think that was because in their first two boxes, there was already a diffuser and a bar soap. It seems weird that they would already be repeating items when they are only in their third month. That being said, I am signed up for three months and am looking forward to what the next two months bring from this new company. Sparaj is already sold out for December and January, but is taking orders for February.

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