Happy Mommy Box Review for December 2013


YAY! The Happy Mommy Box has arrived.  This is my first Happy Mommy Box from this new subscription box company. I was on their waiting list for a few weeks, and got this one late last night via UPS. It is a really fun box.




Happy Mommy Box is a monthly box geared toward moms (duh.) and calls themselves a monthly care package full of fun surprises to motivate and brighten the days of the moms who receive it.  I would say that it definitely fits the bill.The Happy Mommy Box is $29 per month plus a one-time $29 sign-up fee,so I am feeling like I paid $58 for this first box and will pay $29 from here on out. Here are the goods:


Pardon my terrible picture. I swear the others are not as bad. Happy Mommy Box contains mostly items for moms, but has a kid item or two, too, for happy kids. Here are the details:


Ok, I lied.  This photo is not that much better, but here goes anyway.

Kiki LaRue Pearl Earrings: ($15?) I am estimating this price because I don’t see these earrings on their site. I do see lots of other cute stuff, though.  These are a nice size, and I think they will look lovely with my holiday party outfit for Saturday.  There is also a coupon code included for 10% off a purchase at kikilarue.com. Nice!

Kate Aspen Manicure Kit: ($8) This is a cute little purse-shaped item with mani tools inside. Here is the inside:


Clippers, file, tweezers, scissors; the gang’s all there.  I will probably not use this, but it will make a great addition to a nail polish gift, something I give often because of the nail polish I get in my boxes. Cute.



Green Bubble Gorgeous holiday bath set: ($20?) I am estimating this price based on the items in this etsy shop. This is a great little shop that I am glad to discover and this gift kit is adorable. Here’s a better shot:


It smells amazing and contains two small holiday soaps, a lip balm, natural “Cold Season” bath salts, and a mini shower pouf. All packed in a cute little reusable plastic gift bag. I think the bath salts would be so nice to give with some of my awesome homemade chicken soup next time a friend is sick, and I want the lipbalm for myself as always, so I am breaking up this cute little set, but it is super cute, and I love to discover new artisans. Score.


Sweet Lulu Paper Straws: ($4) I love paper straws, and I will be putting these at the bar at our big annual holiday cocktail party on Saturday. This cute little, New-York based party shoppe has adorable things if you love entertaining like I do.

Happy Family Toddler Bar: ($1.50) This berry toddler snack bar will get eaten as soon as it is seen by my 20-month old son. We jokingly call him Baby Bear because he eats so many berries, so we got the perfect flavor for him. These bars are organic and gluten free.  We buy their pouches fairly regularly, but this will be the first bar of theirs we’ve tried. The box also included a few grocery coupons for Happy Family items, as well as a handy card for the fridge that reminds which fruits and veggies are the most important to buy organic.

happymommy10 happymommy8

Calendar Stickers: ($3) This is a handy set of stickers for the calendar with all the appointments and social outings that a mom might need to put on her schedule. I will probably gift these since I don’t use a paper calendar, but they are super cute.  They also come with a 25% coupon code for pikcal.com which I may use on a photobook if I ever get it together enough to actually put one together.

Happy Mommy Box also includes their magazine and a little hang-able quote in each box. This month’s quote says Bless Your Heart, which makes me laugh because it is what my friends and I jokingly say when someone is a hot mess.  And guess what? I am a hot mess on a regular basis, so my heart needs blessing, too.  In addition to all of the items in the box, there were coupons, too, most notably one for Mom and Pop photo school, which I clearly need after the crappy round of photos for this post. (not sure what the deal is today, but I’m blaming the weather and weird light right now) This coupon offers discounts on the Mom and Pop courses, as well as a free download of their 27-page guide, called Mom’s Guide to Great Photos, valued at $29. I will definitely download this, because I know if I could just get some basics, I could be a rockstar with my fancy camera.

All told, the Happy Mommy Box had a value of around $50 before the photo school download coupon, and $79 if you include that, which I am since it does not require a purchase. For the initial $58 dollar price tag and $29 monthly thereafter, I think that is a great deal. In addition, I discovered some new small businesses, I am patronizing a new subscription box company, and I love the quote and magazine, too. All super cool things. This might just be one of my new favorite boxes.  A Happy Mommy, indeed.

3 thoughts on “Happy Mommy Box Review for December 2013

  1. I am not a Mom but this box is cool! I like the idea of a subscription box catered to our loving mommies. If this box was available in the Philippines, I’d probably subscribe for my momma! Great post! Hope you can check out my blog and follow as well! Thanks! Xoxo! beautybloggergoddess.wordpress.com

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