Unbound Box Review- December 2013

So, after doing my first review for Pleasure Pantry, and realizing it was not quite our thing, we decided to switch to another adult subscription box.  I really wanted to have one in my line-up, but I wanted it to be classy, and the Pleasure Pantry box was maybe for a younger crowd.  So, after poring over the list of adult boxes on My Subscription Addiction, we selected Unbound. That was last week, and our first box already arrived!

Unbound is a quarterly box that contains adult toys, lingerie and other items to spice up your bedroom life. Our bedroom life usually consists of playing Rock Paper Scissors to decide who is getting up with our early-riser toddler, so anything is an improvement. Unbound is $65 per quarter, or you can buy a year membership for $220.

What is below this image will contain adult content.

unbound 1

Unbound came packaged discreetly in a plain brown box, though the return address did say Unbound.  I don’t worry too much about that, though.  The inside box was simple and classy looking. I knew it was going to be more our style.

unbound 5

The packaging was great and all the items were neatly inside, and there was a handy information card, although they were all frozen from being out with my mailman in this 7 degree insanity we have going on in Colorado. Poor guy.  Here are the details:

unbound 3

Maia Wicked Wireless Contour Egg (with AA battery included): ($70) According to the information card, this is a 10-speed  “buzzing silicone bombshell” Well, alrighty then. Sounds good.  This toy comes with a remote control for wireless use, so it is a guarantee that men will love it. 🙂 This item alone is worth more than the box, so nice deal.

unbound 2

Bijoux Indiscrets Mimi Nipple Covers: ($7) As anyone who has ever breast fed a child might, I laughed a little at these. They are actually very pretty, but it might take me a few glasses of wine to think that they will look lovely on. Well, bring on the wine, I guess.

unbound 4

PicoBong Toy Cleanser: ($5) Body-safe and alcohol free, I am all about making sure everything is clean.

OOO Condom: ($1) Unbound includes a condom in every box, a very classily-packaged one at that Nice.


All told, this box had a value of around $85 for the $65 price tag.  Not bad! I am very impressed with the Unbound box. It is a little more grown up and definitely more in tune to married couples. Tired, busy married couples.

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