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Ok, so things have been insane around here the past few days. Thanksgiving for 15 people totally wiped me out, and then we went up to the mountains to cut down our tree today, so I am just now getting to reviews. Sorry for the delay; hope everyone had a very happy turkey day and Black/Bright Friday.

Anyway, we received our first Bluum Box on Wednesday, and it was really great! My son is 20 months old (next week), and Bluum Box is another that is geared toward your child’s age and gender. Here are the goods:

bluum 2

I love the way it was all packaged, and the items were all so colorful, which is great, because the theme for this month was World of Color. Here are the details:

bluum 3

Bluum Box includes an information card as well as a little welcome note.

bluum 6

Babysoy USA O-Soy bib:  ($6) This bib is a great little item, but because our guy rips off every single bib we attempt to put on him, this will go in the baby shower gift pile. D is just a little too old for bibs that can easily be un-velcroed.

BabyLegs legwarmers in Edward: (regularly $12, but BabyLegs is having a big sale through CyberMonday, and most are 3 for $12. Great deal!) This is another great item, but again, it is something I associate more with infants than with toddlers. Is that just me?  Am I missing something? D would just not keep these on, probably the same way he is constantly taking off his socks and shoes. Still, I do gift these often at baby showers, so it will be useful.

bluum 5

These were the two items in the box that will be right up D’s alley, and I’ve stowed them away for Santa to put beneath the tree.

Melissa and Doug Rainbow Stacker: ($8) This will get tons of use, and he will be very excited to see it under the tree. He is just at the age where he is starting to understand the meaning of the different sizes and how the stack together. Plus, we love just about anything from Melissa and Doug. Perfect.

Touch and Feel Colors book: ($9) This is another one that our little guy will love. He is learning his colors and is really big on touching the different textures in these kinds of books. I love getting books in these boxes.

bluum 4

Toddler Spoon in red: (full set of knife, fork and spoon found online ranging from $20 to $50) Ok, this was another one that seems a bit young for us. D would have totally used this about three months ago, but now he uses the bigger, metal toddler spoons that are more like adult spoons. This would give him tiny bites, which might be better, but he is kind of past this already.

Momma Spill-Proof Cup: ($10) This item was listed on my Bluum dashboard as something that was supposed to be in our box, but it wasn’t. I will email them right away and it will surely be taken care of. This looks like something we would totally get use out of, and I am always on the hunt for a better sippy cup.  Can’t wait to get this one.

All told, this box had a great value for the $24.95 price of the box. Even without the missing cup, it was still a great deal. My only concern about Bluum is that I think they included  a few items that are a little young for us. I know all babies are different, and I don’t think D is advanced or anything. (well, yes I do, but I’m supposed to, right?) Honestly, though, all the toddlers his age in his class are at about the same levels, and I can see most of them being a little bit too old for that stuff, too. I did enjoy this box and am looking forward to the December one. If I still feel like it is off, maybe I will up his age a little on our profile.

What was in your Bluum Box this month?


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