Birchbox Review!

birchbox 2

I finally got my November 2013 Birchbox, my first, after being on the waiting list for a couple weeks. It came on Wednesday. It was a great little box, and I was excited to see it! Here are the goods:

birchbox 6

Birchbox is $10 a month and contains three to five sample and full-size beauty and lifestyle items. I got box number one for my first box, which is apparently pretty standard. I still need to check with my BFF to see what she got in hers. I gifted her a subscription for her birthday, and she got her box last week, too.  Here are the details:

birchbox 4

Beauty Protector Protect and Shampoo and Protect and Condition: (travel size samples, full size is $21.95 each) I am looking forward to trying these. I usually use volumizing shampoo and conditioner, but some protection is definitely in order for my chorine-ravaged hair, so these will go into my gym bag. They smell really great.


birchbox 7

Folle de Joie eau de parfum (sample) (full size is $98): I can usually take or leave perfume samples. While I am always game to try something for a day or two, I have worn the same fragrance for almost 20 years, and it is kind of part of my personality, so I don’t see switching any time in the near future. Still, I did try this, and it was nice and fresh and didn’t smell too flowery or sweet like I expected. I would be more apt to wear this in the summer than the winter.

birchbox 5

Chella Highlighter Pencil in Ivory Lace: ($18) This was the big item in the box and is full size. I am not totally sure about this one, but will give it a try. I have been going so minimal on makeup lately, but after I saw a few photos of myself next to my adorable friends at Thanksgiving, it made think I’d better step it up a little. I am no spring chicken, and could use some highlighting for sure.

birchbox 3

Ahmad Tea (samples of three flavors, full-size is 20 tea bags for $7): I like to get tea occasionally. Though I don’t drink it all the time, I go on tea kicks a couple times a year where I drink it all the time, and I definitely like trying new ones. Plus, I really could stand to give up some coffee.

This was a great box for my first Birchbox, and I am looking forward to the next one already. For $10, this was a great deal, and I am excited to try the new products.


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