Pleasure Pantry Review

Pleasure Pantry is a monthly adult subscription box. It is $29 per month and includes three to five adult toys, lingerie items and samples. This was the first one we received, and while I am not giving a totally negative review, this might not quite be the one for us. It comes packaged discreetly, as advertised, and the contents were packaged nicely:

The contents are pictured below the initial box photo (contains adult material)



There was no information card included, and while most of the items were self-explanatory, neither of us were familiar with the:
Gold Ball item: ($10.55)All it said on the box was Gold Ball, and there was no other information. We had a few fun Google searches before we figured out what they were for. They are apparently an off-brand version of Ben-Wa balls. You can visit the link and read all about it. These were made in China, and were in packaging that made me think that I will definitely not be putting them where they are suggested to go.

Edible Bra: (3.99) This made both of us laugh. My husband cracked me up when he explained that he thought I should wear it all night until the big reveal. I explained that I was pretty sure it was not meant for wearing it for more than a few minutes before it gets, ahem, consumed.

Handcuffs: The ones I linked to are $4.95 and are the closest I could find. Again, the idea here was good, but these were about the cheapest handcuffs I have ever seen. They just did not seem quality and they did not even stay on when I clasped on around my wrist to try it out. They seemed like the kind of handcuffs you might get with a kid’s Halloween costume, including the fact that they are unbranded, made in China and say Ages 5 and up on them.

Pina Colada Lube sample: ($0.99) This was probably the only really functional thing in the box.

I think this box could be great for some people, and I have even seen reviews of Pleasure Pantry boxes that looked great, but this just did not seem worth $29. I totaled my estimates up to a value of just over $20, but it was hard to find any of the off-brand items online. Were we missing something? We love the idea of getting an adult box for us and spicing up our lives a bit, but this one just didn’t quite mesh with us. I was expecting a little more quality in the items, and maybe something a little more “grown up” if that makes sense.  I think I may try to switch to BlushBox, as that seems to be a little more like us.

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