Door to Door Organics Review


My husband and I have been receiving Door to Door Organics deliveries for about eight months now, so you could actually say it was my first subscription box. We get the $35 box every other week. During the summer, we get all local, organic fruits and vegetables, but obviously as temperatures get cooler, our produce starts to come from other parts of the country and the world, but it always great organic produce. Door to Door Organics operates in several cities and provides deliveries at varying sizes and as often as you like. Here are the goods:


We opt for a fruit and veggie combination, and it is definitely one of the highlights of my week when we get our delivery.  Here is a better view of everything we got:


As you can see, this definitely looks like a decent value for organic produce. Doesn’t it look so good and healthy?

The bananas always go to D for breakfast or lunch, and the apples and pears are for Mike and I for lunch, and we already used the cucumber and some of the carrots tonight for a big salad for dinner (I put scallops on top as our protein) The pumpkin is going to be the hardest this week. We are hosting Thanksgiving next week for 15 people, but I am only doing the turkey and others are bringing the pies, so I think this will go into a mixed squash soup I am planning. A nice creamy soup with some crusty bread when it snows this week should be a great dinner.

Plus, Door to Door Organics creates jobs in the local economy and support local farms. We love spending our grocery produce budget this way, plus it forces me to get a little creative with recipes when we get some things that are a little different. In fact, I totally hate kale, but I know it so good for us, so this lets me find new ways to add it into things. I usually throw some into smoothies, and I don’t even notice it.  So yay! for Door to Door Organics in Denver and maybe in a city near you!

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