Citrus Lane Review


Our beloved Citrus Lane box also appeared yesterday, and it was a really good one. Citrus Lane is a monthly box for babies and kids based on their gender and age, and it includes categories like toys, apparel, books, toiletries, mealtime accessories, and there is almost always a little gift in there for mom, too. I have always really liked Citrus Lane, and they are almost always so on target for what my son wants and needs at the right time. This box is for a 19-20 month old boy, and it was one of my favorites so far. Here are the goods:


This box had a food theme, which is perfect because we are right at the age where eating becomes a huge battle-slash-ordeal, even if the battling is just in my head and outwardly, I have to be like, “Sure, it is fine to eat only graham crackers and bananas for five straight days. No problem, little man” Here are the details:


Zoo Plate from Skip Hop: ($6) At first I thought this was a hippo, but it is actually a shark. We already have the Skip Hop lunch box in a penguin (don’t sharks eat penguins? We’ll have to keep them separate) This plate is divided into two big sections and is top-shelf dishwasher safe. We already used it, with as much dinner success as ever happens around here last night. D smiled at it and then proceeded to not eat much, but this time cheerfully.  A coupon code is included for 25% off a purchase of $30 or more.

Reusable Snack Bags from Bumkins: ($7) Score! We are not allowed to send plastic bags in D’s school lunch because plastic bags pose a risk to toddlers, so these are a welcome break from a bunch of little Oxo containers. They get washed in the washing machine, which is handy unless they are small enough to go where all the baby socks go.  Included is an awesome 35% off coupon code for purchases.


Stock Pot and Utensil Set from Green Toys: ($12?)D is going to love this! I actually put it away in his box of future Christmas gifts, which is why I didn’t take it out of the netting, but I keep wanting to give it to him early. I have to behave though, because part of the deal on my subscription box habit is that it takes care of our gift budget, too. (the link shows the pan, too, but that did not come with the set, which is why the price is estimated)  There is a 10% off coupon code included for

Organicasaurus Baked Organic Corn Snack from Good Boy Organics: ($2.50?) Any organic snacks in easy-to-pack pouches are a win in my book. These will be a nice surprise snack when we are out and about one day.  (Price is estimated based on Amazon listing)

Pur-lisse Lip Comfort (not pictured) ($16) I somehow managed not to get a photo of the Purlisse lip balm, but it is a great addition and I already tried it out. It goes on really smooth and is super moisturizing. Another score! They include a 20% coupon code for

All told, this month’s box had a great value compared to the $25 monthly price, and all of the items are right up our alley. Yay for Citrus Lane!

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