PopSugar Neiman Marcus Review!

Ok, so I have been looking forward to the PopSugar Neiman Marcus box since I ordered it in October. At $250, it is definitely the crown jewel of my subscription box year and the biggest splurge by far. I would say it was well worth it. It came elegantly packaged in a classy black box about twice the size of their normal luxury edition boxes:

I kicked myself for looking at spoilers online, because I would have loved to have been surprised. Ramblings of a Suburban Mom posted spoilers on Facebook, and before I could even exert any ounce of self-control, I had already clicked on the link and started to devour it.  Still, opening the lid was a treat.
Here are the goods:
It is all beautiful.  Let’s start with the big items:
Shy by Sydney Evans Love Necklace: ($125) When I saw this in the spoilers, I thought it was going to be kind of cheesy. While I like  some jewelry with words, I am not really the type to wear something that says love on it. I think it’s the same way I would never wear something with a heart on it. I fancy myself as a bit too tough for that or something. I am a girly girl, just not a girly-girly girl. However, when I opened this, it is just the kind of jewelry I love. Dainty, simple, clean and not at all obnoxious. So, I am kind of torn between wearing this or gifting it. I did see on the Neiman Marcus site that she also makes one that says “fierce” in the same style. Now that one I would wear the crap out of.  I wonder what the policy is on making an exchange. I may just head over to Neiman’s this week and find out.
Chevron-Pattern Knit Throw: ($195) I got the navy blue, which I am pleased with. I think it will be a classic touch hanging over the back of the couch, and it is definitely something soft that I want to snuggle up under. I am keeping it in its package until we figure out whether we are moving or not. It will be nice to have something new to add to a new house while we settle it. I really love this throw.
Slim and Sage Dinner Plates: ($99) I got the navy in these, too, and they are gorgeous. I love the concept of them being portion-control plates, both because they are nine-inch plates, but also because the pattern divides the plates into four sections so you can easily fill half with veggies and a quarter each with protein and carbs. Great idea. I am torn about whether to keep these, too. They might be gifted to Mike’s brother and his girlfriend for their new house or they might end up as our everyday plates when it is just us three. I could always use more help with portion control. (these were no longer listed at neimanmarcus.com, so I linked to the Slim and Sage site)
Jonathan Adler Carnaby Zebra Stacking Dish: ($32) This thing is so cute. I think it might be another item to save for a potential new home, but if we stay in this house, I will probably put it on my bathroom counter, where it will match the bright blue walls. (Blue was definitely the theme for my box!) I can put my wedding rings in it each night.
Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray: ($39) Ok, I had a feeling I was going to love this stuff, but I reeeeealllly love it. I put it in my hair today when I was getting ready for a baby shower. It smells amazing and left my hair fragrant all day, and it really does exactly what it’s supposed to. It’s a good thing I don’t do my hair everyday, because I could quickly become a customer for this stuff.  Seriously, I think this may have been my favorite item out of the whole box.
Le Metier De Beaute’ Blush Kit Kaleidoscope in Pretty in Punk: ($95) It is pretty sad when I say that I don’t really wear blush (in fact, I actually spend time trying to tone down my red cheeks on regular occasions) but I still want to hoard this thing. It is just so pretty. I will, however, dutifully gift this to my BFF, who wears full makeup everyday, because she will get much more use out of it than I, and because as much as I want to be a hoarder, I know it is not good for me. She is all done for her birthday, so she might just get a surprise for Christmas. This particular color palette was supposedly limited edition especially for this box.
Neiman Marcus “Twist” White Fudge-Covered Corn Snacks: ($19) Ok, Neiman Marcus, seriously! These are absolutely dangerous and delicious. Basically they are like Bugles snacks, you know the ones you used to jam onto your fingertips as a child and pretend you were Freddy Krueger? Well, they take those already-addictive snacks and then coat them with white fudge and then drizzle with chocolate. Nine pieces have 158 calories. I am proud to say that I ate only a few pieces and then hid it away in the cabinet. I will put it out for guests at Thanksgiving so that it will go away quickly. But in the meantime, damn. That stuff is re-dam-diculous.
Nest Fragrances Birchwood Pine Luxury Scented Candle: ($34) So, I have already opened this candle’s box and shoved my face into it about thirteen times now. It is such a fresh, light pine smell, with just a little sweetness beneath. I love this candle, and I already have a grand plan for burning it at our annual holiday cocktail party to set the festive mood.  Martha Stewart has nothing on me. (The link included shows a larger size of the same scented candle on the Nest site because this particular one was no longer listed at neimanmarcus.com)
All told, the PopSugar Neiman Marcus box had a value that was more than two and a half times its cost, and I was very impressed with all of the items. The only problem with it is that I was planning on receiving a lot more items that I would gift from this box, but instead, I want to keep it all. This box was a one-time (or inaugural) collaboration, was $250, and it sold out in less than 24 hours. I am a lucky girl.

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