ipsy Review for November

I will get to the fact that PopSugar Neiman Marcus arrived today shortly, but so did ipsy! And honestly, ipsy is always near the top of my list for fun ones to receive. I don’t want ipsy to feel left out, so I am reviewing it first and doing PopSugar in the morning. Ipsy is a monthly envelope of a few full and sample size beauty items that is based on a profile you fill out. It always comes in a cute little makeup bag, and this month was no exception:

This month’s bag was shiny and gold and reminded me of New Year’s Eve.  Here are the goods:
This month’s bag had six mostly full-size items, and I really like them all. Here’s the scoop:  
em by Michelle Phan Pillow Plush Cushiony Lip Balm in Bubblegum: (full size) I tried this gloss on already.  It is fairly glossy, but still gives good color, in this case a pale pink. I like it, and it is already in my purse
Be a Bombshell lip crayon in Shameless: (full size) This lip crayon may be a bit too dark for me, but I may give it a try for some holiday parties, just to change up my granola-esque makeup routine.  The color is really pretty, and both of these lip products are very layerable. That’s a word, look it up.
Starlooks Gem Eye Pencil in Topaz: (full size) Ok, so I don’t wear eyeliner very often, and when I do, I usually opt for a navy blue because I think it really brightens eyes. But this silvery shade is an awesome color to play around with for holiday looks, and I can’t wait to give it a try, probably right in the inner corner of my eye. I think it will be lovely!
Cailyn Mineral Eye Shadow with built-in sponge top applicator in Champagne: (full size) I totally dig this and can’t wait to try out the applicator. This is a perfect color to highlight the browline or inner eye. 
Nailtini Straight Up Color Nail Laquer in Caviar Cocktail: (full size)  This color is awesome.  I am putting it on my toes ASAP. It is a pewtery-metallic polish and so different.  I am so glad I got this color and not the Champagne.
Pixi Beauty Bronzer in Subtly Suntouched: Score! Bronzer is my go-to beauty tool. My daily makeup routine consists of moisturizer, bronzer, mascara and lipgloss.  This is the perfect edition to my swim bag so I can leave my big bronzer at home. Or it can be my emergency bronzer for when I inevitably drop the big one on the bathroom floor and it shatters into a thousand powdery pieces that find their way onto my white bathroom rug. 
The ipsy package always far exceeds the ten-dollar price tag and is consistently one of my favorite subscriptions. Can’t wait to use all this great stuff. 

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