Bespoke Post Refresh Review

Oh, I love Bespoke Post! I just think it is so classy and cool, and I believe Mike thinks the same thing, although he tends to be less of a woo-girl than I am when it comes to subscription boxes.  Really, he was super impressed with the Refresh dopp bag, as he loves nice bags, and then all the items inside were basically icing. I think he will use most of it.
So here is the bag:
It is waxed canvas with a leather handle and tab, and is lined with the most brilliant French blue color. It sells for $65 at, which is already more than we paid for the box!
Here are the goods:
The MITCH by Paul Mitchell 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner and Clean Cut Styling Cream (both full size): My husband will use both of these. They both smell nice and he is a styling cream guy, so I bet he breaks right into this as soon as he finishes whatever our hair stylist (is it weird that we have the same one?) sold him last time.
Gold Bond Men’s Lotion and Gold Bond Powder: (both travel size) I think this will probably go into his gym bag for when he showers at work after his lunchtime bike rides. That powder should be required for all active men, you know?
drinkwel Detox supplement for people who drink: (sample) Um, I may just steal this and save it for my summer girls’ lake trip. When all of us moms are away from our kids with no responsibility, we tend to go a bit overboard.
GNC Meta-Ignite metabolism enhancer supplement: Of everything in the box, I think this is probably the one I could see Mike not really using. He is not really a supplement guy, and we are both kind of wary about supplements that are intended to improve weight loss or metabolism. We’ll see on this one.  There was also a coupon for 20% off at GNC, which we probably will use, if only just for vitamin C.
Sasquatch Soap: When I opened the box, it smelled so manly and fresh, and this soap is the reason why.  I am excited for him to start using this right now.  Very sexy soap.
Cremo Company facewash: (full size) I totally dig the packaging on this, and it is such a great size. This will probably last Mike for a year. He liked it too, and I bet he will start using it right away.
All in all, the Bespoke Post Refresh box was a great deal, and the stuff is all so manly and cool. I know Mike really liked it.  I’m already excited for the December Bespoke choices.
Bespoke Post is a monthly box for men that is $45. They email you at the start of the month to let you know what your box will be, and you always have the choice to opt out.
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