Nature Box Review

I was so excited to get our first Nature Box yesterday, although I was still recovering from the stomach flu, so my samples were tiny. Here’s what it looked like inside:

Nature Box is a monthly box of nutritious and fun snacks. I get the deluxe box, which has five different snacks, a few servings of each.  This month’s box also included a little sheet of Nature Box stickers, which my toddler son loved.  I stuck one on the front of his shirt, and he was very proud of it. Now on to the snacks.  We received:
Masa Chips: These were kind of similar to corn chips, but lighter and they have flax seeds in them. I liked these a lot. They were not too salty and not too “flax-seedy” I put some in D’s lunch today, and the Oxo came back almost empty, which never happens.
Pistachio Power Clusters: These reminded me of the cashew clusters my best friend obsessively buys at Costco, but a little lighter. These are delicious.  The serving size for these is three to four clusters, which was fine for post-stomach-flu snacking, but I would probably be hard pressed to only eat three on a normal day. Which is why this is also a weight-loss blog. Sigh.
Vanilla Macaroon Granola: This stuff is dangerously good, both the favorite for me and Mike, I think. It is sweet, but filling, so not as hard to stay within the recommended portion size of a half cup.
Cherry Berry Bonanza:  I am not a big dried fruit person, but Mike was all about this stuff.
Roasted Kettle Kernels: These were right up my alley. Similar to the Corn Nuts of my sordid, chubby youth, but lighter, and with a salty sweet combo. Really good. 
What I like about Nature Box is that the snacks feel kind of special, if that doesn’t sound too lame, so you aren’t likely to just grab the whole bag and chow down. I divvied little samples of each for Mike to try when he got home:
He liked all of them, and pretty soon the sample plates looked like this:
All in all, I would say Nature Box is a success for all three of us. Nature Box deluxe is $19.95 per month, and there are larger sizes, too.  Um, yum!
Update! Plum District is running a half-price coupon for Nature Box today; pay $20 for $40 worth of snacks. Check it out!

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