Glossy Net-a-Porter Review!

One of the few non-PopSugar holiday special edition boxes I got was the Glossy Net-a-Porter box. It just seemed like such great deal, and it is! It was packaged beautifully in a giant box and had really great items.

And inside this giant box was…

A smaller box and a little pouch. And inside the smaller box was…
YAY!  The Glossy Net-a-Porter Box contained:
Natura Bisse’ Diamond White SPF 50 Brightening Cream: (deluxe sample size) I may gift this to my best friend, as I am a weirdo about sunscreen products. Living in Colorado, I wear it on my face every single day, but I also feel like some of it is so clogging and greasy and smelly and, weirdly, I have a theory that anything over an SPF 30 makes me sweat profusely.  Am I the only one?  Probably.  Wouldn’t be the first time.  I may give it a go and then will pass it on to her if it no workie. We’re close enough where she won’t mind my germs. Either way, this was a nice size and a nice product that *one* of us (probably her) will enjoy. 
Kevyn Aucoin Eye Shadow Duo– (full size) No 206: Love, love, love Kevin Aucoin stuff.  When I first started doing makeup, he was who I tried to emulate, and I was obsessed with his lookbooks. I might have trouble with this blue shade, but it is a beautiful shadow and would make a great gift.
Ellis Faas Mascara E401 in Black: (full size) As I am currently in a love affair with my favorite mascara ever, this might go with the shadow to make a high-end gift makeup gift for my friend who just got engaged. Now…on to the stuff I am going to use the hell out of.
Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk: (deluxe sample size)Yes please.  My fine hair gets so greasy at the roots and is so dry at the ends from my seemingly endless laps in the pool.  Dry shampoo is a such a save for me on the days I want to spare my hair a wash but don’t want to look like I poured salad dressing on my head. I am going to use this starting today. Does that mean I can skip a shower?
RGB Cuticle Oil: (full size) I would take a picture of my start-of-winter cuticles to show them to you, but it may be considered offensive.  As I mention a kerbillion times, Colorado dry air is basically like a sandblaster to skin, hair, and nails, and add to that my propensity to jump in the pool as often as I can. I already have this on and will reapply thrice daily. It feels nice.
Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray: (travel size) Ok, so I was excited to get this because I have always heard that spraying something like this on your face on a flight is ever-so-helpful for travel skin dehydration.  And then I tried to picture myself actually spritzing my face on a plane. You know, closing my eyes, my hair blown back ever so slightly, a faint flush on my apricot skin, and, oh yes, a screaming toddler in my right hand and half-eaten banana in my left, my knees jammed into the coach seat in front of me. Ok, maybe not for my kind of travel, but I do like that it sets makeup, and it can’t hurt tight chlorine skin, right?  It’s mine. 
Philip B Oud Royal Gravity-Defying Gel: (deluxe sample size) So, for most of the past ten years, I have had short hair, ranging anywhere from a pixie to a chin-length bob and then back to pixie again. Since I had a baby, I have been growing my hair out, and it is now well past my shoulders. Longest it has been since my 20s, I think! So, while I would definitely know what to do with this gel in short hair, I will have to give it a go with my long hair and a blowdryer and see what magic it can work. 
Joya Ames Soeurs Roll-on Perfume: (sample size) I put this perfume on my wrist right away after liking the way it smelled in the bottle. Now I am kinda meh about it. It smells nice at first, but it has one or two notes that just don’t sit right with my smeller. I will add it to the Bag-o-Beauty (that gets distributed as prizes at my annual girls’ lake weekend) with the disclaimer that is has once been swiped across my very clean wrist.  What I did love was roll-on in a sample size. I wish all perfume samples came in roll-on. Plus it is adorably cute. (Adorably cute, it’s a thing. You heard it here first)
The Glossy Net-a-Porter Box had a great value (eye shadow and mascara alone were worth almost twice the cost of the box!), and I loved that I get a couple gift items out of it, as well as a few fun things for myself that I would not have tried otherwise.  Yay, me!  
Oh, and the little pouch that was in the big box:
It contained a measuring tape, purportedly as a gift for making my first order ever from  That is great news, because I need something to measure my hopefully shrinking thighs. Moisturized skin and cuticles, sleek hair, and thinner thighs*, all courtesy of the Glossy Net-a-Porter holiday box. Win-win!! This box is still available and is $40. 
*Thinner thighs come with working out and eating less, not in boxes. 
Got NatureBox yesterday, too. Review coming later today or tomorrow!  Woop!

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