JewelMint is Decidedly Not My Thing

I did not get too many holiday edition boxes this year because I wanted all the PopSugar ones and opted to spend my money on those instead. But I did get a couple others. I had a JewelMint coupon code and decided to give their holiday mystery box, as well as a couple items on their two-for-one sale a try.  Sad to say that this will be my first and last JewelMint experience.

The pieces I got in my mystery box were odd, to say the least. I realize that my tastes are pretty simple, but I can still be trendy, and I still like cool statement pieces.  The two piece in the mystery pouch were both bracelets, and the statement they made was not quite what I was after:

The stack on the left is made of a bronze colored rubber with pewter colored plastic bars on each bracelet. This was my favorite item out of everything and probably the only one I will wear. 
What was weird is that these bracelets have to slide over your hand to wear them, and they are TIGHT. I have small hands and wrists, and it was still a struggle to get these on. I had to do it one at a time, and look at how red my hand is from sliding them on!
The second bracelet was about the weirdest thing I have ever seen.  It looked like a part of a belly-dancer Halloween costume, and I cannot imagine wearing it and being able to live your life at the same time. I couldn’t get it to latch right around my wrist, but seriously, look at this thing:
Can you imagine having all of those chains hanging down over your hand all day?  I would be driven insane!
I got the stacked rings and a long pendant for my two-for-one items. The pendant was fine, but kind of meh.  The stacked rings consisted of four rings, and two were huge and two were too small. In addition, a stone had come unglued from one of the rings and was floating around in the box.  Overall, I was not happy with the Jewelmint stuff and will not be ordering from them again. I guess part of finding stuff you love to get involves weeding out the stuff you don’t love. My overall impression of JewelMint was that their stuff was poorly made and worth way less than they say it is. I mean, the piece I thought was the nicest was made out of rubber and plastic! No mas JewelMint for me. 

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