BirchBox Man Review

We got home from a park outing to meet up with all the toddlers in D’s class, and the mailman was walking up the street clutching our first Birchbox Man subscription box in his hot little hands. Yay, box week has begun!

I opened it to take photos and then packed it back up to let Mike open it.  He liked it!

The November box had a few really great things, but the best one was the cherry wood Bowery earbuds from the LSTN Headphones. Valued at $50, these things are AWESOME! Mike loved them, too, but then said he might rather have them be a Christmas gift for his brother. 
Part of the reason my frugal husband agrees to my subscription box obsession is that it covers our gift budget, in addition to my shopping “allowance.” We pay our bills from our joint account, but we each get an amount into our own accounts each month that we can do whatever we want with.  For us, it is the best way to manage our money because of how we are so different. Mike always saves most of his allowance, and I spend a lot of mine. On boxes, of course. So the fact that we are covering a lot of gifts by being able to “go shopping” in my box of subscription box items marked for gifting just helps it make sense to him
The Yes to Carrots Pomegranate lip balm was an automatic push over to me. Mike very rarely puts anything on his lips, and I am a lip balm hog. I probably have 15 different lip items in my purse right now. I liked this balm. It did not have much of a scent and no taste, but it feels nice on my lips and isn’t greasy.
The two sample items were both nice sizes, a deluxe 2 ounce oil-free moisturizer from Baxter of California, and a ginger lemongrass body lotion from Mount Sapolo. The moisturizer seems like something he will want this winter for after skiing, or even for after one of his cooler-weather bike rides. The body lotion is not Mike’s thing, so it might go into the Bag-o-Beauty for one of my girlfriends to give to her man, or I may throw it into my swim bag for some emergency lotion. I smelled it, and I kind of wish it was Mike’s thing, because it smells great. Very citrusy and manly at the same time. 
All in all, our first Birchbox Man box was a success!  The earbuds are an awesome gift that have a value that way exceeds the price of the box ($20), and the rest of the stuff is just icing. And I loved how everything came from companies that are giving back. Yay for the start of all the November boxes rolling in!  Woop! 

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