Thanksgiving Time!

My very favorite day of the year is coming!!  For Thanksgiving, we always host all of our friends who are not traveling to their respective homes for the holiday, and it is always a great time. Mike and I have been hosting Thanksgiving since before we were even married; this will be our seventh year.  Sometimes it’s a small group of five or six, and other times, like this year, it is a group of 15 or so. That is my favorite!

I am already thinking about the table settings and centerpieces, and I have been trolling Thanksgiving settings on Pinterest, trying to get some great ideas. I am pondering getting some inexpensive fabrics from Jo-Ann this year and cutting my own placemats and napkins. Maybe burlap placemats and linen-like napkins?  I love the idea of rustic, rough edges. I also saw where the napkins were tied with packaging string and a cinnamon stick and sprig of thyme. So gorgeous. Here are a few photos stolen from Pinterest. I have linked the captions to their sources.

Things are a little different this year, because we are on a tighter budget due to me being unemployed.  I am still making the turkey, but friends are bringing all the sides. While I was sad to give up all the cooking, it will be nice to relax a little bit. Besides, this year, I have a toddler running around, too, and that makes things a little more hectic than normal. So, I am excited to make a kick-ass turkey and set an amazing table and leave the cooking to the team.  It’s going to be a great year! 

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