Shoptiques Gift Card? Check!

Yesterday, I got a tiny little envelope delivered by UPS. It was the necklace I ordered from Shoptiques, using the gift card that came in the PopSugar September Must Have box. It was from the shop, Olive Yew (so cute, right), a new shop on Shoptiques that has a bunch of very dainty, simple jewelry.

If you’re unfamiliar, Shoptiques is an online shop that features clothes, jewelry, accessories and housewares from funky, cool boutiques all over the world. It is like wandering through a bunch of cool shops right online.

Even though I am a larger girl, I love very dainty necklaces. I think it is actually because I am so tall that I like to wear things that make me feel feminine and a tiny bit fragile.  Does that make any sense? The necklace I ordered was from the Olive Yew line of lowercase letter necklaces, and it did not disappoint. I got the D, which stands for my baby boy, and I can’t wait to wear it out.  So cute! Did I say so cute, already?  I believe I did.  But it is!

It came wrapped around this tiny card:

Here it is on:
I really love it. 
It was $38 in the Olive Yew shop, and so I got it for $13 with my gift card. My only complaint was that they charged $9.95 for shipping.  I mean, seriously, I KNOW it did not cost ten dollars to send that tiny envelope that weighed less than a birthday card from North Carolina to Denver. Stuff like that annoys me, but I am willing to let it go because I love my little pendant, and it is nice to have a little reminder of my quickly growing boy right next to my heart. 

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