Bespoke Post for November

I decided to go ahead and go for the Bespoke Post November box. The one I am defaulted to is the Refresh box, which is a nice-looking dopp kit full of deluxe size samples of great men’s stuff. My husband has recently been lamenting the loss of his “goodie bag” as he calls it, and is in need a of a great new dopp bag, so this will be perfect for a Christmas gift, and it will be like a whole nother stocking filled with all of those goodies.  I am excited to get it, and I know he will like it for his many work trips. This is what the contents of the box will look like:

I wish they would do one for women!

Up until recently, Mike has never been a product guy, but I got him the PopSugar Summer Men’s bag this year, and he puts on the moisturizer that was in there every day. I swear I can see an improvement in his skin. We Colorado-dwellers need moisturizer, male or female! I think he will enjoy trying this stuff out. So, yay for a Bespoke box in November!

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