Julep Maven (Surprise) November Review

Well, I meant to cancel my Julep subscription, not because I don’t like it. In fact, I love the way it is packaged, the extras in addition to the nail polishes are always great, and the polish itself is legit. The thing is, if I got two bottles of nail polish every month all year, I would have no idea what to do with it.  I polish my toes about once every two weeks max, and my fingers about the same. That is, if I am currently low-stress enough to not have bitten my fingernails down to nubs at some point recently. The random nail polish that I get in my other boxes is definitely enough to keep me in colors, so I really have to let go of Julep, even though I love the box. So, guess what…I forgot to cancel it, and got a surprise November Boho Glam Julep box. This will be my last Julep review, even though they are awesome.

Here it is:

The colors I got were Alexandra, a natural ivory/ecru color, and Aisha, a plummy wine color.

The additional item this time was a lipgloss that I LOVE. It is the perfect pale pinky color, perfect amount of shine, and it smells awesome.  I put it on right away. Soft and smooth, not sticky at all.
The lipgloss alone made me wish I wasn’t canceling, but a girl has gotta stay on her budget, and nail polish is just not where it’s at for me. They did also include a serum card sample, which will go in my famous Bag-o-Beauty, to be distributed to my girlfriends on our annual lake trip.  All in all, I love Julep, and am sad to remove them from my list.  They are currently having a huge sale for those of you who ARE nail polish junkies. Use the code GO CRAZY for 50% off everything at julep.com right now. I am loving this little lights set, and may get it for my BFF, who most definitely is a nail polish queen.  Thanks for the fun, Julep!

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