Another Package? For Moi’?

Along with my surprise Julep package, I also received my new mascara!  YAY! In my September ipsy bag, I received the It’s So Big mascara from Elizabeth Mott. Best. Mascara. Ever. I have been on a journey of personal discovery for my entire makeup-wearing life to find this mascara, and now, two of them are mine. The journey ends right here:

This mascara has already changed my life in the way that only mascara can. I will say that it may not be the right mascara for everyone. I am a makeup minimalist, and this mascara adds great color, great separation and no clumping.  It is very natural looking, but can be layered a few times to glam it up. As a contact lens wearer, the fact that it never flaked sold me, but I also love that it does not budge at all. I have super dry skin and so I pile on the lotion. A lot of mascaras are smeared down my face by noon because I have so much moisturizer and eye cream on. But this looked newly applied all day. Because it never moved, I was dreading removing it, but one swipe with a makeup remover, and it was gone. I think this stuff is a miracle. If you are more into big, thick, clumpier lashes, this may not be your gig, but for me, I am in post-personal-journey mascara bliss. 
The ipsy Glam Bag offer for this was 50% off, so I got two, but sadly, that discount is over. You can purchase It’s So Big mascara on the Elizabeth Mott site, and it arrives very quickly from Honolulu, where I imagine Elizabeth Mott lives a glamorous, tropical life, reaping the benefits of being a mascara genius. She also included one of her famous lash cards that keeps mascara from getting on to other parts of your eyes.  I am a little too low maintenance for that, but it looks cool and gets rave reviews, so into the Bag-o-Beauty it goes.
Thank you, Elizabeth Mott, lifechanger. And thank you, ipsy for introducing us. 

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