Favorite Things Party, 2013. YOU Get a Car! YOU Get a Car! YOU Get a Car!

Published early, even! The 2013 Favorite Things Party was a hit! And it was a blast, too.  If you are unfamiliar with Favorite Thing parties, they are loosely based on Oprah’s Favorite Things episodes, where she would give away a ton of awesome stuff to unsuspecting audience members, all items she deemed her “favorite” new products for the year. And who can forget the year she gave everyone a damn Volkswagen or whatever it was?  Insanity ensued.

For the version that I host, each girl chooses her favorite thing at an approximate ten dollar value, then she buys five of them.  Five of the same item.  And then she wraps them up and brings them to the party. At said party, she will draw five names out of a basket. then, when it is her turn, she stands up, says a couple things about why her item is her fave, and then reads off the five names she drew, and then those five girls are the ones who get her item. As you can imagine, with 30 women and tons of wine, this turns into a hilarious blast.

I set it up this year so that everyone also brought her favorite party appetizer or cocktail. I divided the girls up; those with first names starting with A through M brought an appetizer, and those with first names starting with N-Z brought a cocktail. It worked out perfectly, plus I barely had to do anything except rid my home of dog hair and put out a cooler of soda and beer. Plus, I made prosciutto-wrapped cantaloupe. Easy peasy. And my kitchen wasn’t even much of a disaster afterwards.

I added an element this year and had a second basket where the girls only put their name in once, and used it to give away door prizes.  The door prizes were made up of some subscription box items that were not totally me and a couple other things (the beer is the Blue Moon Autumn Variety Pack, which my husband gets free from work), and they were a hit.  See?  Everyone gets pleasure out of subscription boxes.

Since my husband had taken D to San Francisco for the weekend to visit his parents, I was free of my mommy responsibilities and imbibed in way too much wine. Fun was had by all.

The loot I scored consisted of:

A bottle of Alamos Malbec, sworn by my friend Sarah to be the best bottle of wine under ten dollars, one that regularly gets high ratings and beats out the pricier competition. Yes, I’ll take it!

Smith’s Rosebud Salve (and two of the stretchy ribbon ponytail holders) I *like* Rosebud Salve, but I don’t love it.  Somehow, I have about four of them floating around.  I will pass them on to friends as stocking stuffer type things.

Bodyglide Anti-chafe Balm For Her, which I love and use. This stuff is awesome, especially if you love to work out and happen to be a bigger girl like me. I put this stuff all over my feet before a long run, under my arm where my ipod case rubs a little bit, in the crotch of my bike shorts during a triathlon, on my feet when wearing strappy heels that can rub in spots.  You name it,  you can put this stuff about anywhere, and it prevents chafing, rubbing and blisters.  This was my friend Lisa’s favorite thing, but as you can see, it is one of mine, too.  Lisa also included a little tube of Aquaphor, too, which, if you’re a mom, you know is a legit cure for just about anything.  Score!

Butter London Nail Lacquer in “Champers”, which is an awesome pinky-gold color, perfect for the holidays. As soon as my work/job sitch settles down and my nails grow back, I am totally putting this on!

Neutrogena Crease-Proof eyeshadow pencil and e.l.f waterproof eyeliner pen. My friend Michelle started off her speech about her favorite thing by stating that she is an “oily beast” and that these two makeup products are the only things that do not smear, crease, run, etc for her.  I do not think she is a beast at all, but I get it. I happen to have super dry skin, so I may pass these on to someone who will get more use out of them. Or I could throw them in my makeup bag for when I do friends’ makeup for a special event or wedding. (I used to be a makeup artist in NYC in another life, so I do that as a favor for friends on occasion)

All in all, I scored some awesome loot for the Favorite Things 2013 extravaganza. Oh, and my item that I brought was super cute flour sack towels from an etsy shop called French Silver.  (her stuff is adorable!) They all had funny, snarky sayings on them.  I am totally obsessed with tea towels and flour sack towels, and if you search either term on etsy, you can find some that are so great, but I think French Silver is the best.  I got the same five that I gave away for myself, too, because when I was ordering them, I was laughing so hard.  I needed to get them so I wouldn’t feel sad to give them away.

There were lots more awesome Favorite Things, including two different kinds of spray meant to make the bathroom less smelly after a number two (women are so funny about pooping, myself included).  Here are some photos of the girls showing their schwag (pardon the quality, as these were taken on my friend Linda’s cell…I forgot to take photos after my first glass of wine)

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