Gearing up

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It looks like the PopSugar Neiman Marcus Must Have Box is upping the ante quite a bit. I’m not sure how much it will cost, but I am hearing about spoilers already that include a Neiman chevron printed throw (pictured above, retail $195).  I’m guessing $250 for the box right now, and I am thinking I will have to pony up.  We shall see. If anything, it might take care of a bunch of holiday gifts, although that throw might be too cozy to give up. It must be mine. Oh yes, it must. My box-o-gifts might just be short a chevron throw this year.  Sorry Santa, I was good otherwise.

So, this week, I have a third interview scheduled for tomorrow morning for an awesome job that I would love to have. I was supposed to have ANOTHER third interview for another seemingly awesome job this week, too, although they haven’t called to schedule it yet.  What did I do wrong between the last interview and now? They loved me when I walked out the door and said they would call me to schedule something, and I sent a thank-you, but now it is a waiting game. I am sure it is just normal corporate stuff, but seriously, the waiting makes me doubt myself.

My son is still in daycare while I’m unemployed because his school, that we all love SO much, has an 18-month waiting list. So we kept him in school, and are continuing to pay the exorbitant fees, in the hopes that I’ll find work before my severance runs out.  It will run out this week.  I have been keeping him home with me a couple days a week even though we are paying full time just because I want to take advantage of this time. But eventually, we are going to have some big decisions to make. He is a firecracker right now, and he wears me out while cracking me up with his hilarious toddler antics.  Stay at home moms are pretty phenomenal, you know?  I mean, being a working mom is hard in a different way, I guess, but seriously, when you are home with the kids all day, there is no break.  That boy owns me. And to be totally honest, while I am loving this extra time with him, I do miss working. I love what I do, and I love what D gets from his amazing school.  I am pretty crafty, as I hope to demonstrate with this blog over time, but seriously, they do such amazing things at his school, and he loves his pals. They have all been there since they were three months old together, and now they are actual friends.  They are starting to say each other’s names, and it is the most adorable thing ever. Being a working mom is definitely where it’s at for me, and his awesome school makes that easier.

My review of the PopSugar October Must Have Box will come tomorrow. Check out the box! I am kind of playing with how I want to do it. I know there are other sites that review these boxes, and I want to put a twist on mine.  More to come!!

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